Well what can i say?

The expected inoculation apocalyse failed to materialise. And obviously, i feel like a bit of a twat. To be fair, the unpunctual nature of armageddon is probably its most notable feature, so i should have known really. They didn’t have most of the jabs i was supposed to be getting, at the clinic (yay for the NHS), so they’ll have to order them in, and i’ll have them next week. It feels just like a last-minute death row reprieve, only better (probably…).

I only ended up having 1 injection today, typhoid i think, and the nurse distracted me at the crucial moment (sadly not with boobs, chocolate or motorbikes), but the important part is i didnt have the reaction, for only the second time ever! I pretty much skipped out of the clinic, giving the old men a “buddy christ” fingerpoint, and winking twinkly-eyed at the old ladies. This was only slighty marred by tripping as i went out the door and almost faceplanting in the car park.

The other good news as far as this is concerned is that due to the delights of combined vaccines, i’m only actually having 2 more jabs, Tetanus/diptheria and Hep A and B. Apparently i dont need anything else, although i was hoping to get my malaria meds today, but they’ll have to be prescribed by the doctor next week it seems.

Clearly, i’m on some kind of endorphin high now, so i’m going to buy myself a netbook before my senses return. Then i’m going to pop to Aberdare and pay in a check, see if i can get Aled’s little 125 running so i can practice my “standing on footpegs” riding technique (this is the kind of preparation i can get into), and basically enjoy the rest of my day off!

One netbook purchased –

Asus EeePC 1001P

Skips off merrily…


~ by zendog888 on 20/09/2010.

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