Its Unofficial

I finished work yesterday, so i’m unofficially unemployed (officially, i dont finish till the 8th of October, i’m on holiday till then). It felt pretty good at 6am when i didnt have to get out of bed, but i know i’d be bored in a couple of days without a job, if i didnt have so much else to do. It felt really strange leaving work for the last time,  i’ve spent the last 3 years going there pretty much every day, and despite there being plenty of reasons to dislike the place, i did really like some of the people there, and frankly, i’d got used to the place, despite its many flaws.

There’s no dodging the fact that i’m going now, it feels like the countdown has begun. I’ve got a huge list of things i need to buy, none of it really expensive, but theres so much that i really need to get started. One thing that i dont need to buy is my new helmet, which has now turned up. Thankfully, being a hit with the ladies isn’t a major priority on my trip, since with the front flipped up i look like a tool (photo to follow when i can find my camera, promise) , but hey ho.

I did come across the following pic too, which seems to indicate that my worries about finding somewhere suitable to sleep as i travel around, may be utterly unfounded –

Now, does that come under “money saving measure”, or “advanced riding technique”? I particularly like the fact that he’s removed his sandals so he doesnt get his taillight dirty. Classy…


~ by zendog888 on 24/09/2010.

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