Up and Under

First things first, as promised, pics of my new bargain helmet –

Surely motorcycling just doesnt get any sexier than this. Looking like your head generates its own gravitational pull goes down well with the ladies… right?

Anyway,  over the weekend i popped in to “Up and Under”. If you haven’t been, its an outdoor pursuits shop in Cardiff, but not the usual ones you seem to find on the high street these days that sell a few overpriced tents and berghaus jackets. This one is like an aladdin’s cave of climbing/travelling/canoeing gear, the place is packed with all kinds of random stuff. There are ice axes embedded in the walls (so you can try them out and see how manly they make you),  crazy minimalist camping stoves,  a selection of different crampons, shitloads of climbing rope, and suntan lotion in bottles specifially designed not to explode over 6000ft. Its mental. I’d recommend going for a look even if you’ll never buy any of it, its like a porn warehouse for the geeky outdoorsman.

Sadly, i had to resist the urge to spend all my savings on stuff i’ll never use (but really really want), and restrict myself to the relatively boring items i actually need for my trip, of which they were able to supply a surprising amount. I got some industrial strength insect repellent, a concealable money belt, a travel padlock, some water purifying drops (and neutraliser so it doesnt taste like shit), some body/clothing/cutlery soap, and a sleeping bag liner. It’s going to be too hot for a sleeping bag (hopefully), but i want something to at least cover my legs so i don’t get bitten through the mosquito net.

The guy behind the counter nearly persuaded me to spend £37 on a head torch (i thought i might need one if the headlight fails on the bike!), but i resisted. If it comes to it,  i’ll just gaffer tape a normal torch to my head. This can only add to my sex appeal.

Tomorrow is my (hopefully final) set of jabs. It went so well last time that i’m not really feeling nervous at all. Presumably this means that (in line with Sod’s Law), its going to be a total nightmare. We shall see. And straight afterwards i’m going to be going on a drugs run round my local chemist to get malaria meds, bite cream, more insect repellent, anti-diarrhea meds etc.


~ by zendog888 on 26/09/2010.

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