I’ll have a Crispy Duck and Adrenaline to go?

Well the last couple of days have been a bit of a mixed bag to be honest. Truly the lord giveth with one hand, and at the same time spitteth in your eye. Forsooth.

Yeah, so i my injections went well, but due to the vagaries of the NHS (surprise surprise) the Hep A and B mixed vaccine is currently unavailable, so i have to go back next week (again) for my Hep B. I’m getting in my stride with all these jabs now so i’m genuinely not that bothered. Go me! Truly, i am nails.

Also, i rung up wondering where my netbook is, only to be told that they aren’t going to be getting any more in. Telling me before i rang up to find out what was going on would have been nice, instead of making me wait a week (you’re bad play.com, you hear me, baaaad play.com). Was tempted to go round and beat them with a hose (as is traditional), but i softened after ordering it from ebuyer instead.

And then i rung up to find out where my new free Vodafone sim card is, but apparently “it takes ages for them to be sent out these days”. So i went to Merthyr and bought one for 75p in B+M Bargains. Big love to the bloke in the Carphone Warehouse for redirecting me, since they would have charged me a fiver for the same thing.

And today, went to Cosmo in Cardiff Bay for a slap-up feed, all you can eat style, which was fantastic (although actually walking afterwards proved a bit of a challenge). And then, on the way home, some twat pulled from the sliproad straight out into the fast lane, no indicating and clearly no looking first, and nearly killed us. So that added some much needed adrenaline to the evenings proceedings.

Currently working on a post about the delightful motorcycles available for purchase in Vietnam, hopefully with colour pics and everything. Try to contain your anticipation please…


~ by zendog888 on 28/09/2010.

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