The Malarial Vampire

Barely 2 weeks to go now, and i’ve got a load more stuff sorted out, which is good because i’d probably be getting a bit wobbly by now otherwise. I had my last inoculation yesterday, which was the least pleasant one so far since it immediately gave me a dead arm, but by this point i laugh in the face of nurses wielding pointy metal objects (not literally, they get a bit funny about that sort of thing).

My new netbook has turned up, which is a source of unalloyed delight, however i’ve been entirely unable to resist the urge to start pissing about with it already, starting with downloading “Ubuntu Netbook Edition”, which i’m hoping is brilliant so i can get rid of horrible Win XP. Thankfully i can run it off USB stick to try it in case its rubbish. I need to do some serious testing to make sure it can do everything i actually need it for out in Asia (updating this blog, transferring photos, keeping my music/films, using Skype perhaps), otherwise i’m just going to be carrying round an extremely expensive and stylish brick. See incredibly arty shot of someone taking a shot below –

I’ve also picked up shitloads of medication from various places, mainly to combat the (apparently inevitable) bouts of the shits (travel to foreign countries, immerse yourself in alien cultures, exotic places, and enjoy their toilet facilities…), but also Vitamin B Complex (supposedly makes you less tasty to the mozzies), stuff for bites and stings, and a variety of insect repellent.

But the most important and expensive thing is my malaria meds. There are 2 types recommended for the region, and i’ve got Doxycycline, which you have to take every day (and for a month after you get back), and delightfully states on the box “AVOID EXPOSING SKIN TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT”, which presumably means that you have to huddle inside like a vampire during the day, only venturing forth at midnight for some virgin-based bloodletting. Sounds alright to be honest.

Anyway, I’m hoping that long sleeves, a hat, and some factor 50 will do the job, and mean i can actually wander around during the day. I thought that this Doxycycline sounded a bit of a pain in the arse, expecially when i found out that the alternative, Lariam, is only taken weekly, but then i read that the side effects can include PSYCHOSIS. Delightful. Some have suggested that since i already seem to be borderline psychotic, i probably shouldn’t be encouraging it with drugs…


~ by zendog888 on 05/10/2010.

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