Ground Control to Major Tom, commencing countdown, nipple tassles on…

Only a week to go now. Sold my car to a bloke from work, which is fantastic, except now i haven’t got a car. So I’m telling myself that being forced to ride my bike in mid-October is an arse hardening exercise for the upcoming thousands of miles on a tiny 125. Thankfully, the weather has been uniformly gorgeous so far, but its still bloody freezing after the sun goes down, i can actually feel my testicles making a concerted attempt to become internal organs.

I’ve also devoted a table in the study to packing all my stuff now, so i can make sure everything i need actually gets put in a bag. I can just see myself, as the plane leaves the ground, battering pointlessly on the cabin window as i realise i’ve forgotten my visa approval letter…

I should be taking literally everything in this photo (except the cup of tea, which will almost certainly be cold by then). And I’ll also need 3 days worth of clothes, a waterproof jacket, a hat, and some trainers. I’m beginning to doubt i have the room, will end up wearing all the clothing, everyone will think i’m under the impression Vietnam is an Antarctic research station, and ask to see my carer. Eeek.

I think i’d better make a tediously comprehensive list of everything i’m taking. Either it might prove useful to someone else making a similar trip, or in some Apollo 13esque scenario, when i’m broken down in the middle of nowhere, someone will say – “I see from your list you have gaffa tape, tiger balm, and a mosquito net. I’ve calculated this can be used to make a glider in the shape of a pterodactyl to cross a raging torrent. It wont help you, just thought it would be fun.”.


~ by zendog888 on 13/10/2010.

One Response to “Ground Control to Major Tom, commencing countdown, nipple tassles on…”

  1. enjoyin the blog, looking forward to the comments once you’re there – enjoy the trip
    lynne xxxx

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