Lucy in the Sky with Handgrenades

Strange day today. Woke up to the sight of the birds feasting on autumn berries on the tree outside my window. You can almost feel the world turning. I lay in bed for a little while and just watched them. Its not something that most people (me included) normally have any time to notice or enjoy, but in the odd limbo of my life while i get ready to go, and acutely aware that i’m going somewhere so different, i took the time to appreciate it.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about going today. On the one hand, winter is inevitably on its way, and mostly what i’d have to look forward to here is crappy wet, cold weather, and not being able to ride my bike for about 6 months. I’ll be missing a sizable chunk of that at least. On the other hand, i quite like autumn itself, the change in the world taking place right before your eyes. Instead, i’m instigating my own changes.

You’d think i’d have spent my penultimate day in the country sorting out all kinds of last minute bits and pieces for my trip, but i actually spent it painting pictures of handgrenades. And air raid sirens. And aeroplanes. Thankfully, rather than the symptoms of a complete mental breakdown (tempting, but frankly, impractical at this point), they’re for Aled’s class which is doing WW2 shortly. I promised him that i’d do them, and the air mail rates for A3 sheets is downright scandalous, so i thought i’d better do them before i go…

Which means tomorrow, i pack everything i need and get ready to jump down the rabbithole. One of the things i’ve found is the following pic of an out of town “petrol station” of the type apparently typical in Vietnam. –
I mean, on the one hand, i’m deeply dubious about the quality of said petrol, on the other hand, the apparent commitment to the exclusive use of Absolut bottles is almost touching…

On a completely unrelated note, i was buying some toothpaste on the weekend when i found the following in Tescos –

Now seriously, who thought that was a good name? I mean really. Marketing Department – FAIL.

Finally,  i started taking my Doxycycline (malaria meds) today. Apparently, as well as making you sunlight sensitive, you shouldnt take it on an empty stomach. Or without a large glass of water. Or lie down within half an hour of taking it. Apparently it can damage your esophagus. The more i read about it, the more worried it was making me. So i stopped reading about it. It does mean though, that with the vitamins i’m taking anyway, and the startling array of drugs in my medical kit, i’m likely to get stopped at some point on my travels, if only for not being a qualified pharmacist…


~ by zendog888 on 18/10/2010.

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