Time to Go…

Well its about that time. Only about an hour before i leave now.

I’ve got a ludicrous amount of stuff packed, a rucksack on my back AND my front, which means, on the one hand, that i can barely walk, but on the other hand, i am more or less reasonably balanced fore and aft. I’ve already got a sneaking suspicion i’ll be throwing half of it away before the week is out, when i realise i dont need it, which is probably a good thing. I dont really want the biggest thing i bring back from my trip to be a hernia.

I was a bit torn about whether to take a jacket today, knowing that i’d probably want it for the journey since its bloody freezing, but on the other hand its almost certainly just going to be a burden as soon as i arrive. I’ve neatly got around this problem by deciding to take one of my many bargain eBay leather jackets, from when i got totally carried away a couple of months ago. This one cost me the princely sum of £8, so its basically disposable.

Also, at the last minute, a friend who’s just come back from Vietnam has told me about a girl he met out there who’s said she’ll be happy to show me around Hanoi. As a first timer to Asian cities, this sounds fantastic, i really couldnt ask for better, so i just hope i can manage to meet up with her now!

We had the first frost today too, which is definately helping with my desire to leave. As fast as possible. On a donkey if necessary. 36 hours of travelling seems like a small price to pay to avoid this wintry fate. Get me to Vietnam!


~ by zendog888 on 20/10/2010.

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