Managed to sleep for a few hours, and then got woken up with a knock on my hotel room door. A friend of mine had given me the email address of a girl called “Ha”, he’d said would be happy to show me around. Ha means “river” (“Hanoi” or “Ha Noi” literally translates as “river bend”). I thought i’d contact her in a day or two, but he’d also told her where i was and she’d come to find me. Very nice of her, but i’m not sure half-asleep in your pants is the ideal way to meet someone for the first time…

Still finding it quite hard to understand people here at the moment, they seem to speak incredibly quietly and fast, but she still managed to find me a place to buy a SIM card, take me for some food (which was gorgeous, stuffed my face, only ate half, and it cost me £2), and mark up a map with a load of stuff to check out. She’s busy for the next couple of days, but she’s going to give me a shout when she’s free and show me the sights.

When someone is that nice for no reason i’d be really worried about alterior motives, but since my friend says that she’s sound, i’m just incredibly grateful really. I’m mainly wondering what, if anything, i can do for her in return.

She was going to pop off while i finished my food, but i had to ask her to wait till i’d finished, i’d just followed her out of the hotel and had no idea of the way back… turned out to be 1 street away. Clearly, i am useless.

I still feel shattered though, so i’m not going anywhere tonight, i’ll start exploring in the morning. Hoan Kiem Lake for a morning stroll while its still cool sounds fantastic.


~ by zendog888 on 22/10/2010.

2 Responses to “Ha”

  1. Glad to see that you are there safe and well. I’m looking forward to your next post already. Didn’t even go to the quiz this week cos the boys were working late. We have a standin for next weeks quiz to replace you in the form of Trev. Get some pics of honda wins up on here if you can you know its what the people want…by people I mean me.

  2. The kindness of strangers! I think some people are just naturally generous towards visitors rather than the usual reaction of “bloody tourists” or whatever the Vietnamese equivalent would be. Glad you’ve had a friendly welcome 🙂

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