Kuala Lumpur International Floorhotel Part 1 – written 21/10/2010

Well i got to Kuala Lumpur. The flight seemed to take forever. I’m pretty sure we just hung in the air and waited for the earth to turn underneath us. I watched a film, chatted to the bloke next to me, read some of the book of Neil Gaiman short stories i picked up at the airport, and tried to have a sleep. Sleep wasn’t really happening though. My flight planning skills are clearly lacking. I had leg room, which was fantastic, but my seat looking out over the wing was too far forward to really see the flaps and ailerons (which is normally great, although watching the wings flex can be disconcerting), and booking the window seat also means the curvature of the fuselage takes up quite a bit of the space that your head would normally occupy. Oh well. Seeing Malaysia from the air was still cool, around the airport, pretty much as far as the eye can see is just palm trees. For miles.

Stepping off the plane the heat just hits you. People say its like a sauna or an oven, but that doesnt really cover it. Its like the air in a tiny room after a long hot shower, rich and cloying. I was wearing a t-shirt, shirt and a leather jacket. This was just as much of a mistake as i thought. I’m already thinking about the best way to abandon my jacket, but i’m reluctant to do it in the airport in case they think its dodgy and get it exploded by remote control.

I walked over to the food court where they do malaysian food, a good 10 minutes or so with my bags, before realising that (obviously) everything is in Malaysian Ringits, of which i had none. So i walked back, and exchanged some dollars eventually, but by that point i was starving, needed to take my malaria meds, and in no mood for for an ethnic food excursion, so i had a Mcd’s. What can i say, i’m a tourist cliche. I’m proud to report it tastes just as shit here as everywhere else.

But now i have a choice. Its 7.30pm local time (12.30am) in the UK, and my flight is at 6.30am. I can either hang around where i am, in the free (and thankfully air-conditioned) departure lounge for the next 13 hours, or try to make it to the Tune Hotel. I’ve been told its walking distance, you can get rooms by the hour, and you can see it from the airport, but it looks like the food court is only about a third of the way there. Still, i’m here for an adventure, and they might have Wifi where i can update my blog…

————-Some Time Later—————

Bugger. Well that was a waste of time. Walked all the way over there, only to be told that you can only get rooms by the hour between 6am and 6pm, and all their overnight rooms are full. Still, i had a nice chat with an american couple on the way over there, going from Borneo to Switzerland (how random is that!), so that was something. Looks like i’m in the departure terminal for the duration…


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