Kuala Lumpur International Floorhotel Part 2

The delight that is Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Picture taken at 3am, when it still managed to be 31 Celsius.

You’d be surprised how little sleep the human body can survive on. You really would. I attempted to get some sleep on one of the uncomfortable airport chairs, while simultaneously keeping at least one limb on each of my bags, almost wholly without success. Then i saw that a couple of german girls had got their sleeping bags out and were sleeping on the floor. I gave them 20 minutes and no-one said anything so i found a spot to curl up out of everyones way and got a couple of hours in.

Even better, the headache thats been dogging me since i started the trip, and i’ve been unsuccessfully supressing with ibuprofen, has gone. Maybe it was just stress, since i’ve got my boarding card and handed in my big rucksack for the jaunt to Hanoi, and i’ll be on the plane in an hour, so, unbelievably, it looks like i’m going to get to Vietnam without any major cock-ups.

I’m writing this sitting in Starbucks, drinking something that (to misquote Douglas Adams)  tastes almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea. But which is, i am assured, at least labelled “English Breakfast”. And which cost more than my McDonalds meal.

Right, time to go.


You’d think not much could happen on the way to the departure lounge, but i managed to get a mouthful of DEET insect repellent on the way through security, which makes washing-up liquid seem like a tasty snack, and slightly scarily made my lips numb. Cue trip to the toilet for 5 minutes of spitting and mouthwashing. Then a little girl shoved into the queue and then incredibly rudely told me i was in HER way. Genius.


~ by zendog888 on 22/10/2010.

One Response to “Kuala Lumpur International Floorhotel Part 2”

  1. Great, more news there than you have told me in 3 years!! xx

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