On the Flip(pant) Side – written 20/10/2010

Well theres no two ways about it, its been an eventful day. Got to Cardiff with impeccable timing thanks to the incomparable Mr Carey (who is incidentally also to be given full credit for the charming portrait), and the fact that i had to pump up the tyres of the taxi before setting off merely added to its many charms.

Got on the megabus no problem, though the toilet was out of order, which meant we had to stop en-route for the many incontinent octogenerian passengers to relieve themselves. We did so at Membury services, a deligfhtfully picturesque facility, only slightly marred by the overwhelming smell of raw sewage filling the carpark. It’s not often the prospect of boarding a bus full of pensioners is a welcoming one, so full credit to the staff of Membury services for managing such an unlikely feat. And free of charge too.

Once we got to Victoria, i set off looking for my Terravision connection to Stansted, only to be told that they didnt operate out of the coach station. And when i asked where else the coach might go from, i was told that pretty much all of Victoria is a bus station, so i should just have a look around. Turns out it was up the street and across the road outside at the completely separate “Green Line Station”. Would have been nice if that had been mentioned somewhere. Incidentally, though “Terravision” is an unlikely name for a bus company (and probably crying out to be sued by the band), its not as strange as one bus i saw as we drove through the station, the delightfully named “Chalfont Travel”. Now i could be wrong, but i was under the impression (from reading Viz principally, it must be said), that “chalfont” was slang for heamorroid… perhaps they just have exceptionally soft seats.

Anyway, i found the bus, which took us past almost every landmark in London on the way to Stansted. I dont know if its meant to be part of the service, but we passed, i kid you not, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Cleopatra’s Needle (the history of which is pretty mental if you care to look it up), the London Eye, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge (the only ones i got a pic of), Tate Modern, and i even got a view of the Millenium Dome. Mental.

But after the scenic tour, they took us to the airport, and i fought my way past the many, many purchasing opportunities, and the semi-stripsearch (no rubberglove thankfully) to get on the plane. I’m writing this on the way to Kuala Lumpur, while we’re probably over central europe or somewhere. One of the engines wouldnt start first of all, but they got an engineer to come and have a look, and hit the starter motor with a hammer and unstick it (i presume). Its all good.

And i found out that the malaysian word for “taxi” is “bergerak”. You can’t say this blog isn’t educational.

Probably time for a bit of a sleep.


~ by zendog888 on 22/10/2010.

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