One just for the bikers

First, just a quick post. In some areas, specifically biking, Vietnam is clearly far ahead of the West.

Not mono-shock, not twin-shock, but the latest in asian motorcycling technology… Quad-Shock baby! Check out that sweet sweet ride!

And just for Aled really, not one but a hearty brace of Honda Wins.

I’m a bit torn at the moment to be honest. Was speaking to a guy last night and he said his friend is selling a Honda Win in the next couple of days. So now i dont know whether to take the trip to Sapa to get out of the city, or buy this bike (the guy said it was only a year old and i good nick, but he may just be bigging it up), and get out of the city that way. Was speaking to a guy a couple of days ago who was striking out on a bike on his own for a week, but some of the people who’ve been living here a  while i’ve been speaking to seem to think its not very sensible, if only in case you have an accident. I could just use the bike for getting around the city for now, if its a good deal at least, but then leaving it for a few days while i go to Sapa doesn’t seem a great idea… Hmmm.


~ by zendog888 on 27/10/2010.

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