Bat Trang – Written 29/10/2010

Bit of a weird post this one, just some random bits and pieces really. Went out for a quiet drink last night with some people just in from China, and actually managed it, only having 3 beers, although it took my pretty strenuous protests to limit it there… literally every westerner in Vietnam is a borderline alcoholic.

Met up with Ha this morning and she took me on the bus to Bat Trang pottery village. It probably only took about 3/4s of an hour, but it was pretty eye-opening. They were resurfacing the road, but rather than changing the bus route, they just bumped along on the completely unfinished roadbed up and down potholes the size of a small car. And when we got to a particularly narrow section and met a truck coming the other way, both vehicles just stopped to negotiate, while all around the bikes took to the countryside to pass the obstruction.

I asked Ha why she didnt have a bike, but apparently she’s a bit haphazard on a bike and her parents won’t let her have one! But then she told me a monthly pass to ride the buses as much as you like for a local is 15,000 dong (20,000 dong = 1 dollar). So its so obscenely cheap you might as well. For me, since i had get a ticket, i paid 3000 on each bus, and you can stay on for as long as you want. So still, ridiculously cheap.

I didnt actually take many photos at the village, though i should have taken at least one of the interior of the huge pottery market. First of all we just wandered around the village through the tiny backstreets (the old part of the village was set up when the emperor moved the capital to Hanoi in 1000ad, so most of the pottery i saw the other day that they dug up in the Citadel was made here), and she showed me how they made it.

Then she took me to the village temple, and although she said it wasn’t buddhist, i didnt really understand the expanation of what it was if i’m honest.

Actually remembered to take a pic of Ha this time, though she appears to be licking the remains of the sweet potatoe we were eating off her lips here, and the weird pose is because she’s holding my food as well as hers, rather than some kind of weird meditation.

The village is the other side of the red river from Hanoi, although the city is rapidly sprawling and a few years from now it will probably be just another suburb of the city.

The street food stall just outside the market. Ha ordered me something, and i was a bit dubious because she said she didnt like it herself, but she said her dad finds the most tenuous excuses to come here and eat it all the time,  so i tucked in and it was gorgeous. It was rice and pork wrapped in a leaf and steamed, so that the rice almost becomes the consistency of blaumange, but the flavour was amazing. I ended up having 3, and i’m definately going to looking for them around the city. You can see them in the foreground here, they’re the green tube things.

And a quick pic of the market entrance i took literally just before i got on the bus. The place was HUGE inside, and its just ceramics, of every possible style and size. They had pots i could have climbed inside, down to tiny coffee sets with cups the size of thimbles. Took me about 3/4’s of an hour just to have a look around.

And on a completely unrelated note…. One of the guys in a group i was out drinking with the other day gave me some of the pics he took. Since there really arent many pics of me on the blog i thought i’d chuck them on. This is me with some, i think the correct modern colloquialism is, “bitches”? I’m so street.

And us all down at the illegal bar, with some people attempting to emulate the aspect of the tiger…


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3 Responses to “Bat Trang – Written 29/10/2010”

  1. So……You banging the Asian chick?

    • In a word, no. I tried to pay for lunch, just to say thank you, when we went to Bat Trang, and she wouldnt even let me do that. Awesome girl.

  2. Cant fault a girl who pays for stuff.

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