Perfume Pagoda

Took a daytrip to the Perfume Pagoda yesterday. It was just fantastic to get out of the city for a day and it was so serene, it was just a great chill out day. I took loads and loads of photos, so rather than write about it, i might as well just post a few and let them do the talking for the most part.

Heading out over some classic Vietnam countryside. Notable lack of Hueys.

Into the foothills. It felt pretty good just to see some hills again to be honest, and these are quality hills…

Once we got to the base of the hills, we abandoned the minibus and took to rowing boats. The guy rowed 6 of us non-stop up this river for about an hour. Kudos. I bet these guys can do pushups all day long.

Bizarrely, the river has “roadsigns” (and billboards for that matter…). But most actual roads don’t… I’ve updated my main blog photo with one i took not long after this one

No comment required i think.

Some of the locals working in the water meadows either side of the river. A scene straight out of the 16th Century. And then one of them pulls out a mobile.

Saw these two guys being rowed up the river by their mum. I’m sure i know another family with this kind of dynamic, but i cant think who… Extra marks for the umbrella obviously.

Temple as you step off the boat. Apparently this is the one where, when they have the festival, you register on the way up, and then when you leave, you say which of the temples you’ve visited (there are dozens here, we only visited the main few).

We took the cable car up to the top, and this was the view that greeted us. Amazing, but the whitish blob you can see on the mountainside, its a rubbish tip…

Got one of the guys on the trip to take a pic of me, but it came out really dark. Big thanks to Mr. Carey for lightening it up a bit for me.

So glad i came to see this.

The actual shrine at the top, its in the cave behind the giant rock (looks like one of Obelix’s menhirs…)

At the bottom near the rock. It was lovely and cool down here too, and for a good 20 minutes, there was only really our group there.

I took the cable car up, and then walked down in case there were some nice views. Unsurprisingly, there were.

The people here are poor as church mice, but they all have mobile phones, and satellite TV. You have to wonder why, as vietnamese TV is rubbish.

Our guide, and a load of the abandoned stalls (its the off-season, which is why it was so quiet). During the festival, millions of people come here.

Just one tiny section of the huge temple complex at the bottom. I only chose this one because the photo came out quite well.

And then back down the river on the boat. We all tipped the guy rowing our boat, which isnt something you do in Vietnam generally, but we knew that the actual fee he gets is nominal to say the least, and he deserved it. Fucking awesome day.

Think I might end up going to Sapa in the northern mountains for a few days tonight, see some even bigger mountains…


~ by zendog888 on 31/10/2010.

5 Responses to “Perfume Pagoda”

  1. This puts the stone circle in Dyffryn Woods to shame.

  2. Hi Hywel, what an experience!
    fab photos – did my best to lighten the one of you, posted it on my facebook page.


  3. I went down that river once when I was a kid. There’s a place in the river.. I can’t remember… Must have been a gardenia plantation at one time. All wild and overgrown now, but for about five miles you’d think that heaven just fell on the earth in the form of gardenias…

  4. I also lightened the image, how do you want it sent?

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