A Night in Hanoi

Just some shots from last nights debauchery. Only remembered to take some photos when were already quite pissed at the illegal bar with some randoms, but thats totally normal here, altogether it was a pretty typical night out in Hanoi.

From left to right, a German guy (Simon i think), Phil the RAF guy and Nina, a Dutch girl, currently sporting the helmet of truth. Good catalogue poses.

Nina and Anna, a German girl, utterly failing to show any Teutonic seriousness.

I told Anna i wanted to see her best serious German face. This was the best she could come up with.

Me and a Catalonian guy (whose name i have utterly forgotten), sporting the truth helmet. He was cool, and told me some good stuff about travelling through Laos.

And Phil doing his best version of Blue Steel. Kudos.

Phil’s pics of the same madness.

Me and Daniel one of the German guys.

Can you tell i was drunk at this point?

Truth helmets all round.

Streetside, attempting to stumble home.

Stealthily entering the dorm in complete silence. Total fail.

That was a really good night, but my god i paid for it today, really need to learn not to drink so much. I pretty much wasted the whole day just recovering.


~ by zendog888 on 04/11/2010.

4 Responses to “A Night in Hanoi”

  1. For an illegal bar in a third world country the TV seems to be of surprisingly good quality.

  2. Anna’s cute and the beard’s looking good. Oh and Phil is doing La Tigra by the way. The last pic is awesome. So jealous.

  3. Way to go Son, love to see you having such an awesome time.

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