Just a Quick Update

Not a massive amount been going on the last couple of days. I’ve been feeling really ill, sore throat and a runny nose. Also i didnt really sleep at all last night, but this may be due to the 3 red bull and vodkas i had before bed. The red bull here is evil, like a 1000mg of Taurine, shitloads of caffeine, and a whole load of stuff i’ve never even heard of. Someone was telling me last night theres an energy drink in Thailand called M151 with a load of amphetamines in it… think i’ll be giving that one a miss.

Cant help but feel this absolutely huge bite may be responsible for my current crappiness. I dont know if it really comes out in the photo, and its gone down a bit today, but yesterday it was like having an extra nipple on my arm. You can see one of my normal bites above it. Dont know what the hell did it, but it clearly hated me.

The other thing is i’ve finally found out when Rhys is getting here. Originally it was planned that he’d get here yesterday, but Aled has finally got hold of him and he’s not arriving for almost another 3 weeks. I dont want to waste any more time hanging around in Hanoi really, so it looks like i’m heading to Laos on my own at the moment. There are loads of travellers going there, but they all seem to go by bus, and i came here to ride bikes!

The only thing is, in Hanoi, if you’re a foreigner they basically just double the price of the bike straight off, which means everyone ends up buying crappy chinese knock-offs and Minsks. I want something Japanese, though i’ve resigned myself to probably getting a moped now. So i’ve contacted Ha, and asked if she, or someone she knows can help me get something for a decent price. She told me her father said for $500 i should be able to get a Honda pretty much new (but thats if you’re Vietnamese…), and that she’s contacted a friend of hers about helping me (Ha has to work a lot at the moment), but i haven’t heard back yet.

Originally, i promised Rhys i’d wait for him before going to Halong Bay, but since i’m planning to not even be in the country by the time he arrives now, i’ve booked to go tomorrow morning. I’m a bit gutted because i’ve missed out on going with loads of cool people over the last couple of weeks, so i wish i’d known earlier about when he would be arriving, but hey ho. So provided we get the weather, there should be some amazing pics coming when i get back. I havent wasted my time here, and its been great, so i’m not pissed off, but once i get back from Halong Bay i can really start travelling hopefully!

This kid has been waving to me out the window of this house opposite the hostel for the last half an hour while his mother tries desperately to feed him, and theres not enough pics on this entry, so heres a pic…

And i forgot to post this pic i took of the amazing red dragonflies that were everywhere up in Sapa, so here it is.


~ by zendog888 on 06/11/2010.

10 Responses to “Just a Quick Update”

  1. actually I was hoping that you had changed your mind about the motorbike idea…. IT all sounds fab son, enjoy xxx

    • That was mum, she has not checked and my name has been put to that foolish comment, I support motorcycling in all its forms…buy 2 bikes and ride ina human pyramid with the locals!

  2. I’ll have two F-4 Phatoms on standby at all times to deliver Danger Close airstrikes if you need them.

  3. bummer that a friend let u down.i Guess u have to be safe but….. dunno ur there and Im not and sensible grown up motorbike rules cease to apply (pks check back when my older child is 18). My pln is shrug off dead wood, an do fun stuff. ok calming down now… saving energy for anti cut protests…..hahaha i spiton u nick clegg….xx

    • Was this comment at least partially alcohol motivated? πŸ™‚ I only ask due to the somewhat unrelated nick clegg rant at the end πŸ™‚

  4. Hey, that kid’s been waving to me!

  5. hope you’re feeling better!

  6. Red Bull you say….

    • Oh yeah man, this stuff is the real deal, the bus drivers here drink this stuff like water and drive for like 36 hours straight. Think i’m safer on the bike πŸ™‚

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