Pooey the Win

Finally! Today i collected my “Honda” Win from the Vietnam Motorcycles people, and i’ve just come back, riding through rush hour Hanoi traffic 2-up with Steffan (guy who is also buying a bike there) on the back. It was really fun to be honest, a lot less scary than i thought, though definately a bit hairy, especially with the Win’s ropey brakes…

Anyway, i’ve decided to name him Pooey, partially due to my recent adventures in that department, but mainly due to the braking, handling and general riding characteristics of this most delightful piece of machinery. Fuck i needed a bike, i should have done this weeks ago. Forthwith, i shall only be referring to Pooey with superlatives such as magnificent, razor-sharp and horribly beweaponed. So be warned.

Without further ado, i present the masterpiece of Asian engineering known as Pooey.

Sitting in the shop, sparkling with just-out-of-the-crate freshness.

Outside the hostel, and not at all leaking a tiny bit of oil. Its like sweat from the brow of a mighty shire horse after a day ploughing the field.

Poised seductively in all its girlie-pant-moistening glory.

Anyway, once you’ve recovered from the sight of a motorcycle, the likes of which British bikers can only dream of acquiring, on to other stuff. I met Steffan (the guy i gave a lift to) a few days ago, since he was also looking for a bike. He’s met up with a couple of Canadians (one of whom hasn’t ever ridden before), and we’re all buying bikes at around the same time.

At the moment the plan is for them to ride the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which is supposed to be amazingly beautiful, and since they opened the big highway, more or less totally deserted. But then Steffan, at least, wants to go into Laos and ride around there, so im pretty tempted to go with them. The other factor is that the middle of Vietnam is totally flooded at the moment, so i’m tempted to see if i can convince them all to change plans and ride into northern Laos where i was planning on going anyway. We’ll see, as with pretty much everything with a loose group of travellers, nothing really gets decided until the last minute anyway.


~ by zendog888 on 12/11/2010.

3 Responses to “Pooey the Win”

  1. Pooey is a dream! You should have opted for the name “Fortha” but its up to you.

  2. Honda FTW!

  3. I’m loving the FusKutter engine…

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