The Mean Streets of Hoi An

Hoi An is a town with a bit of everything. And it is a town, rather than a small city like Da Nang, so the traffic is calmer and its pretty quiet. But as well as it being a tailor’s town, with clothing and shoe shops everywhere, its got an old town area with a 400 year old bridge, a river, a beach, a market, nice restaurants, places within a relaxing hours ride… its easy to get diverted here. Which is why we’ve been here for 4 days. I’ve just come back from nightswimming in the ocean. Its a hard life travelling.

We spent a whole day on this beach, and couple of evenings too. In the day you get drinks from the bar, and old ladies try to sell you tat (see photo). At night though, its completely deserted, and its the full moon at the moment, so its amazingly bright.

Didnt know this photo was being taken, hence why, while everyone else is chilling, i’m clearly staring at the ocean, having a bit of think. Everyone has had suits made over a couple of days, usually just nice ones, and i got my boots repaired for 6 dollars, which seems a bit of a waste of the skills clearly on offer, but its all i actually want.

Phil and Jo, the two Manx lads though, they decided to buy each other a suit as a present, and i think its clear, they went to town. This shot sadly cuts off the shoes, which are equally spectacular. Steffan even bought Phil some bright green fake RayBans to complete the look. Love the lining. Dan, Brian and Charlie have now headed South, and we’re just waiting for Steffan’s suit to be finished before we head North to the DMZ, and from there, into Laos. Staying here isnt what i came to Vietnam for, but i think we all needed it after the ride down, and as a place to relax, you couldnt ask for better.

I spent a little while wandering round the old town and took a few pics. The river through Hoi An.

The market. Got myself some badly needed fake Calvin Klein unpants. I didnt take really enough keks as it was, and i had a pair gain a spontaneous huge hole in the crotch after a night out in Hanoi. Honestly dont know how the hell that happened. So yeah, now at least the underpant depletion status meter can now return to amber.

More on the waterfront. This guy wanted to be paid to have his photo taken, so i snapped a quick shot when he wasn’t looking. Haha, victory to me! Over the very poor man in a small boat. As victories go, not my greatest triumph i’ll admit.

This woman literally spent the 5 minutes i was there completely motionless, like she was meditating. Looks like her time would have been better spent eating though to be honest.

The 400 year old Japanese Covered Bridge. Pride of Hoi An. Its got a temple built into the wall on the far side, and stone monkeys guard one end, and stone dogs the other. No idea why. Maybe the sculptor offered them a discount on things he had hanging around the back of the shop for a while.

The beautiful little streets full of shops and lanterns in the old town.

Aled pointed out that i only seem to have pictures of the beautiful sights, which i think is pretty normal way to behave. But i thought maybe i should give a bit of a more rounded view. This is less than 100 metres from the Japanese bridge, and the real Vietnam for most Vietnamese.

I went to Marble Mountain today too, which sounds like a flash game but isn’t, but i think it deserves its own post.


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2 Responses to “The Mean Streets of Hoi An”

  1. I see my summer wardrobe is getting put to good use 🙂

  2. Hi son
    so pleased about the recently dealt with underpants situation…… SO miss your washing! xxx

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