Marble Mountain

Marble Mountain. Its a mountain. Although actually there are 3 of them. They are marble though, and jut out of the otherwise billiard-flat plain between Hoi An and Da Nang. Doesn’t sound like the greatest day out on paper to be honest, but it proved surprisingly good. The main mountain is covered with little temples (more temples! my favorite!), interesting caves and fantastic lookout points.

Lovely temple greenery. Most temples don’t have this kind of stuff really, probably because they don’t really have any monks, but this place does and its much better for it. We actually found them singing their prayers at a couple of the temples, and it was incredibly soothing to just take your shoes off, sit down and listen. Although one of them did have a coughing fit halfway through, one of those involuntary ones you just cant stop. Instant giggle loop situation. And then i thought bugger it, no-one liked a laugh better than Buddha anyway.

Meditation cave. I tried my best, but this picture really doesn’t capture just how calming a space this was.

View of the roof of one of the temples. Beautiful tiles, almost iridescent green.

In the interests of realism, a photo showing that right next to the beautiful temple, there’s a huge pile of building materials and random crap.

Artisans, highly trained in ancient building techniques passed down from generation to generation, at work. He is using a water level though, never seen one actually used before. It being a marble mountain, you’d expect everything to be made of marble right? Wrong. Most of it’s brick and concrete, even the decoration. Did find some genuine marble dragons though.

Walking further up the mountain. They must have got a bulk rate on concrete, as all the handrails were concrete carefully sculpted to vaguely resemble wood in an amateur, but clearly quite dedicated way. You have to think though, if they wanted wood, why not perhaps consider using wood?

Through the gates of heaven. Where you can find more caves, and a woman trying to sell you an ice cream.

This cave had an entrance somewhat resembling a ladygarden, so this is Steffan’s best birthing pose.

View from the top, showing the other 2 mountains in a “look how lovely the world is” kind of way.

From the same place, next in my series of Vietnam-as-it-really-is shots, showing a monstrous concrete resort under construction. Theres a golf course just down the road, and photos of Greg Norman everywhere on banners, so i’m guessing it’s for fat Americans to enjoy.

How well i emulate the aspect of the Buddha, complete with insane grin. I could probably have found some beads for the one hand, but i had no idea where to find, what i have to presume, is a shoehorn.

Next in my series of realism shots, showing a tiny selection of the shops quite happy to sell you cold drinks, coconuts, bracelets and random marble-a-like tat.

I was dead set on another shot emulating this Buddha, but i could only find 3 tiny grinning monks willing to paint my eyebrows, pick my teeth, and polish my nipples. And if you’re not going to do it properly, whats the point?

Horse cock. Amongst the plethora of marble sculptures available at the bottom of the mountain, that they will ship to literally anywhere in world,  so you can horrify your neighbours.


~ by zendog888 on 25/11/2010.

5 Responses to “Marble Mountain”

  1. Imaginr the surprise if you turn into a Buddist!! Not to mention the effect on your father xxx

  2. Do the tat sellers manage to sell any to the locals?

  3. You are missing out on snow! But don’t worry its not enough to get the sled out 😦

  4. They probably manage to sell drinks and stuff. As for he rest, i dunno, the Vietnamese are much more into making money than spending it. Am a bit gutted about missing the snow, but compared to the stuff im seeing, i can live with it!

  5. Love the picture of you with the Buddha, especially the joss stick head-dress!!

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