Hoi An To Hue (Again), and the road to Khe Sanh

 After a couple more days in Hoi An, doing bugger all really, i got a call from Rhys (who i was meant to meet in Hanoi weeks ago) saying he was going to catch the night bus to Hue and meet us there. At which point me and Steffan had to actually get off our arses and get up there.

We did some bike maintainence first though, Steff’s bike needed some lovin’ and Pooey needed a new battery. Anyone for Kok ?

There was, of course, some time left for pissing about on the beach before we left…

Then off we went, back over the Hai Van Pass to Hue. Views just as spectacular, although this time we did come across a Dutch couple on the way. The girl had topped off her current bout of food poisoning by hitting gravel coming over the mountain, coming off and knackering her ankle. We had to flag down a van and get them to take her to hospital in Da Nang, her boyfriend following on his bike. I didnt take any pics over the pass this time, but i did get to stop in some of the beautiful bays between there and Hue to take pics, which we didnt have time to do last time. See pic.

Next in my series “Vietnam – Its a Paradise or a Shithole depending on where you look”. From exactly the same spot as the above pic, but the actual ground where i was standing to take it.

And the next bay.

Once we got to Hue, we installed ourselves in the DMZ hotel, which has the best secure bike parking i’ve seen so far, since you have to ride through an art gallery to get to it. Took this pic of Steffan riding out, as proof that you do exactly that. Met up with Rhys, surprisingly easy, especially considering we later found out that he can get lost literally in the street we were staying in. In one day, we managed to find him a bike (a Suzuki Best he has decided to name Mike “The Bike” Wazowski), a helmet, get him some bungee’s, and give him a basic bike lesson. And he’s got the best bike of any of the travellers i’ve met so far. Success! 

So the next day we set off, later than planned, for Khe Sanh. This time we took a different route north, on a basically deserted road, through probably the most amazing scenery i’ve seen yet. 50km of curves, with barely a single straight the entire way. Truly amazing. The pics really don’t manage to capture it, you could only ever see as far as the next curve and they went on and on.

Rhys had a biking baptism of fire though, before we got on this road we had washed out roads, riding up mud bankings, any number of homicidal truck drivers and a fair bit of rain, but he took it all in his stride. We went to Khe Sanh and the National Martyrs Cemetary today, but that post will have to wait. Laos tomorrow!


~ by zendog888 on 29/11/2010.

5 Responses to “Hoi An To Hue (Again), and the road to Khe Sanh”

  1. Glad Rhys has taken to bikin….. burst pipe in the garage, thank goodness for Bill!! xx

  2. Lookin good, look after the big gay bear! get some pics up of the pair of u chest bouncing!

  3. I’ve never seen so much kok in one place before. And you can simply reach out and buy it.

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