Mui Ne

Mui Ne was lovely. In fact exactly the sort of place you need to recover for a few days after a long journey. We were not impressed at all at first, since there is Mui Ne, which all the road signs point to, and which is a small, slightly grubby fishing village, and there is Mui Ne resort, which is a long strip of hotels, cafes and beaches 10kms away. No prizes for guessing which one we ended up at.

The first night we pretty much just slept, but the next day we found our way to the beach, and basically spent the next day there lying on a sunbed, or swimming in the warm sea and getting smashed over by the ridiculously powerful waves. Its days later and i still have water lodged in one ear from getting turned completely upside down, and Rhys had serious trouble holding on to his shorts…

The beach at Mui Ne at sunset. You can still see a few kitesurfers out in this pic, but during the day we counted about 60 on the go at the same time. There were loads of people windsurfing and messing about with bodyboards and so on too. If you want a beach, this is the best one i’ve seen in Vietnam. The “town” is also strangely Russian. They have some kind of thing in Russia that if you go to Vietnam, this is the place to go, so they’re everywhere. To the extent that there are even loads of shop signs only in Vietnamese and Russian, which is really odd to see.

“Lou” – One of the local bars had live music (and absolutely appalling service), but 2 nights in a row, it featured this filipino (and on the second night his keyboardist), giving his own idiosyncratic renditions of popular tunes. Me and Rhys were loving it, Steff was less impressed. His version of “Country Roads” by John Denver will now forever be the definitive version, bizarre pronunciation and all. Rhys christened him Lou, i have no idea of his actual name…

One of the other delights of Mui Ne was the moto (moped taxi) drivers, who consistently approach you to offer their wares. And the conversation always goes like this –


– No thanks.

(Slightly quieter) “Weed?”

– No.

(Almost silent) “Boom Boom?”

– Um, no, but thanks, really.

Dear God. After a couple of days of this though, feeling fully recuperated and ready for the insanity of Saigon, we buggered off, preparing for a week of trying to sell our bikes in in a climate where a load of people we know have already got here and got ripped off, or got a totally pathetic price, for their bikes. But plans have changed slightly since then…


~ by zendog888 on 12/12/2010.

4 Responses to “Mui Ne”

  1. So you said no to weed and boom-boom? You really HAVE changed.

    • You’re right, weed is an eternal temptation. As for boom-boom, i’ve never been into professionals, i prefer enthusiastic amateurs…

  2. You must be the only western tourist to ever travel to Thailand and not disgrace their women with your demon seed.

    • I’m not in Thailand… and anyway, if you’re going to DO Thailand, it has to be ladyboys, surely, otherwise you’re just not doing it properly.

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