Just a quick post to say i’m now in Cambodia after crossing the border yesterday. Vietnam was amazing, but i was ready for a change. We’re in Phnom Penh now, but soon, the mountains!

Lunch stop on the way to the border. Note tinsel on handlebars as Pasquale’s way of introducing some kind of Christmas spirit to proceedings.

We had 2 blowouts on Dan’s bike though, which contributed to it taking 2 days to actually get to the border. But i thought it was worth putting in a couple of pics of this awesome tube repair technique, that involves heating an old piston by burning a load of petrol in it…

And then using a big G-clamp to press the piston down to melt the patch onto the innertube. Quality.

And when we eventually got there, a view of the border from the Vietnamese side. We actually got through with no problems at all, and it only took about 3/4 of an hour. They didnt even look at our bikes. Sweet.

And our first Cambodian meal at a local market, which was weird (sweet sausages anyone?) but nice. You can tell the difference as soon as you get over the border, not just the language, but the attitude, people are more friendly, its a bit more chilled, traffic is less. Even the paddy fields are different, they tend to be interspersed with trees and little groves. We went to the harrowing S-21 and the Killing Fields today, but that will have to wait for its own post.


~ by zendog888 on 17/12/2010.

5 Responses to “Cambodia!”

  1. Looking good, bring on the rpg’s and waterbuffalos

  2. Its in the game plan, but after the horror of the Killing Fields yesterday, no-one was really in the mood for shooting the place up…

  3. Hi son, loved the chicken picture, it is the thought that counts!
    I wanted to know what you had done to pooey in saigon and how much it cost you!
    but then as a tight biker I would wouldn’t I?
    So glad you are into Cambodia, Nan is still convinced “they’re havin’ a war in Vietnam’
    Keep clickin’ and postin’ we are lovin the blog.
    Take care

  4. In Saigon, i only had the speedo fixed, just required some bodging, so twas free! Since the major repairs in Hue, he hasnt needed a thing except a little TLC.

  5. Get me some hi-res pics of Pasquale. It’s important for…um…research.

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