Pooey’s Last Ride

This is a sad post to have to be making. Pooey is gone. We always planned to sell him (and Rhys’ bike “Mike”) in Siep Riep. But when we left Kompng Cham a couple of days ago, we were planning on staying at a remote temple on the way. That didnt work out, so we ended up getting to Siem Riep 2 days early. So i wasn’t really ready for it. I hadn’t steeled myself for the loss.

Pooey a couple of days ago after his Christmas wash. Behold his shiny form (and “race lightened” mudguard).

He was so beautiful…

Then we put him through 2 more long days mostly spent offroad. He took  it all with the aplomb which was his habit when faced with adversity.

Although he did get the occasion rest stop. I think this was the best lunch stop of the entire trip so far. Good food, hammocks, view over a lake full of flowering lillies. But anyway, back to Pooey.

When we got to Siem Riep, Dan’s bike “Gary” (best bike name of the trip btw) was parked outside. With some other guy on it. Steff and Dan had told us they’d sold their bikes to 3 guys who wanted to do a bike trip, and that we could probably sell at least one of the bikes to them when we got there. Turns out we missed Steff and Dan leaving by about 2 hours, which was a shame. So we introduced ourselves, and a couple of hours later, Rhys’ bike was sold to Joey, one of a trio of frankly, dangerously unhinged Cockneys. I tried to sell Pooey to a girl, Elena, travelling with them, but she didnt really seem fussed. Later we went out with Joey and got absolutely hammered, going to a “happy” pizza place, then on to a succession of bars, finally ended up at Joey’s favorite hooker bar, talking to randoms and playing pool with the off-duty prostitutes. Lovely.

But recovering the next day, and resigned to having to make up “for sale” signs for Pooey, Elena came and found me, and told me she was interested in buying the bike, literally an hour before they were meant to be leaving. I gave her a test ride, and as she came back and put it on the sidestand, the weld (which has lasted since Hanoi) gave way and the footpeg fell off. Not good. But this is Asia. 20 minutes later i’d been to find a welder and he was fixed. And promptly sold.

I gave her all the bike stuff too, spares, bungees, the lot, in a grief stricken frenzy. I was going to keep the helmet as a souvenir, but i’d have to carry it around everywhere for weeks, and Elena didn’t have one, so i handed it over.

And i thought the helmet looked ridiculous on me…

Rhys’ showing understandable remorse. Joey looked please with his purchase.

Weird thing is, all these bikes, which have travelled a long way together, are united again, but now with different riders. From left to right, Steff’s bike, Rhys’ bike, my bike, and Dan’s bike. With Dougie, Joey, Elena and Lee.

And then they buggered off, taking Pooey out of my life forever.


And now i’m bikeless. Not a good feeling. I had to sell him, i dont have time to ride through Laos now. We might hire dirtbikes for a couple of days in Laos and go for a ride, which will be cool, but its not the same. Feels like the end of an era.


~ by zendog888 on 29/12/2010.

3 Responses to “Pooey’s Last Ride”

  1. I feel your loss at parting with Pooey with whom you have shared so much. I will remind you however that there is a garage full of motorcycles 10 feet from where I am sitting…… Take care, Happy New Year, Motherington xxx

  2. bad times

  3. Hi Hywel just wishing you a happy new year, take care of yourself love dad & Jane xx

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