Luang Prabang – What the hell? – UPDATED

Ok, i haven’t posted anything for a few days, basically because i’ve been trying to maximise my enjoyment of the little time i had left. But since i’ve now started my epic trek home, and since quite a lot of that involves hanging around (in this case in Saigon), i’ve got the opportunity to post some stuff.

So, Luang Prabang. Its lovely. Deeply lovely. I think Vientiane probably lacks character because Luang Prabang has stolen it all. For a start, its incredibly quiet, easily the most chilled out city i’ve been too on the whole trip. Everyone is friendly, the place is packed with monks and temples, its full of cafes and little bars and bookshops, the market is excellent, and everyone seems determined to make the place as delightful as possible. Its also slightly weird.

Not many temples get their entrance guardians to apply lippy and get their nails done. Admittedly, the lippy is applied somewhat amateurishly, but what do you expect when its being done by a creature with freshly painted claws?

Oooo look, its a temple! This one apparently in the traditional Laos style.

It has a big Buddha. They love painting things gold here, its like a national obsession, which they don’t seem to think makes things look gaudy and tasteless at all.

This temple is apparently dedicated to the film Tremors. Presumably they have giant gold statues of Kevin Bacon inside.

One of the main streets. This is not a quiet period, its genuinely like this all the time, including the monks, lots of whom have mobile phones even though they aren’t meant to own anything. Even when there is traffic, people seem to drive and ride at barely more than walking pace. This is not an Asia i recognized frankly.

View from Utopia, a bar/cafe/restaurant thing looking over the Mekong. We went here for breakfast 3 days in a row. Who wouldn’t?

Looking down the little street where we stayed to our guesthouse. We spent most evenings just chilling on the balcony, winding down after a hard days relaxation.

Most of Luang Prabang is a promontory between the Mekong and one of its tributaries, so pretty much wherever you are, a view like this is only a minute or two away.

Obligatory sunset shot, taken from a temple sited on a big hill in the middle of town.

On the balcony at the guesthouse with Katie, the least-German German, and most hippielike non-hippie you’re ever likely to meet. She’s deeply evil too, though she tries to appear otherwise. Note silly hats, both Katie’s. Rhys and Katie now get to travel across Laos to Hanoi now, the jammy buggers.


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5 Responses to “Luang Prabang – What the hell? – UPDATED”

  1. Am coping well with the fact that my eldest has turned into David Bellamy and has been bitten by a scorpion….. When can we expect you back in the Land of Song?? I have a fatted calf to prepare….

  2. I have one thing to say to both of you: Trigger discipline!

  3. Dude, before you leave laos go here

    Kuang Si waterfall

  4. TrumZi, i went there yesterday :). And Bill, you are fail. Although i did maintain bullet control and fired the Uzi single shot, Rhys went full auto and sprayed, looked most excellent.

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