Kuang Si Waterfall

I feel its only fair to counter the impression that what we did in Luang Prabang was bugger all. We mostly did that, but we did venture out once or twice. Firstly, to the Kuang Si waterfall. And bear sanctuary. No joke, there really was, randomly, a bear sanctuary there.

We didnt rent bikes for this one, so it was a bumpy 25km tuk tuk ride all the way.

But then you got this, which kinda compensated. Honestly, the whole place looks like a Timotei advert.

I know it looks like Rhys has been photoshopped into this one, but he really was there, honestly.

Attempt at an arty pic.

The main waterfall, which was pretty spectacular. Apparently it used to have a rock which sang as the water hit it, but its fallen off. So it goes. You could climb to the top too, which we did in a rather sweaty fashion, and were rewarded with the opportunity to wade around in a semi swamp. Did have a lovely view though.

Do Not Swimming Area. The main waterfall and a couple of pools below it were off limits for swimming, but the ones you could swim in were equally lovely, so no one was bothered.

Like this one. Quite proud of this shot, showing Mike, one of the guys we went with, in a pose i can only describe as “Aiiiiieeee!”.

Oh, and there were bears. Rescued from various places, and pretty cool, although they weren’t inclined to pose for photos (the inconsiderate bastards), and this was the best shot i got. Pretty good daytrip all in all, although we should have rented mopeds, but we remedied that with the next outing…


~ by zendog888 on 14/01/2011.

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