Pak Ou Caves

For our second outing from Luang Prabang, we got mopeds. We’d hesitated before because due to the local laws, mopeds are really expensive to rent here. But i was going home, Rhys was keen, and we persuaded Katie, who’d only been on the back before, that she should really try it.

Rhys, utilising his complimentary bike helmet to protect himself during the highly dangerous act of Sprite drinking.

I gave Katie a quick lesson around the town when the mopeds turned up, not as crazy as it sounds in a town this quiet. She was surprisingly good given that she’d never been in control of a motor vehicle before. And the first 10km to the caves was good road, so that was nice. Then we had 15kms of dirt road, gravel and up and down hills. Dirt riding on your first ever day riding, and Katie dealt with it admirably. Kudos.

At least when we got there we had to take a boat across the river, so that was a chance to relax. The white stuff you can see at the bottom of the cliffs in the background are the steps into the caves.

My attempt to hide my, by now extravagant beard, behind Rhys, didn’t quite come off.

The caves themselves are like a storage warehouse for Buddha’s of every shape and size, honestly there’s hundreds of the bloody things. And here and there…

…something a bit different. Like a statue of a man with a brain instead of a head, having a massive shit while posing in the “semi-teapot” position.

On the way back. Katie is actually crying laughing here, as she had just managed, on her first day, to inadvertently pull an absolutely massive wheelie. She revved the engine, but it was in neutral, so still revving, she knocked it into first.  Obviously, then me and Rhys had to have a go. When Rhys fell off the bike trying it, but still managed to hold onto the handlebars, and chased the thing down the road with the bike still wheelieing, i nearly shat.


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