Bar Trek – The Voyage Home

Well i made it back home! Due to changes in my general travel plan along the way though, this involved a pretty major journey just to get to Saigon, where i had originally planned to end my trip. Ended up getting so complicated i had to write down a plan just so my frazzled and generally travel-fatigued brain could cope…

The Plan. Overnight Bus to Vientiene (capital of Laos) -> Plane to Saigon -> Overnight in Saigon -> Plane to Kuala Lumpur -> Overnight in Kuala Lumpur -> Plane to London. At least the part after this was simplified, since Air Asia messed with my flight again, which meant my original plan of getting a bus into London, and then another bus to Cardiff, wasnt feasable. Instead i begged Bill to come pick me up, which he graciously agreed to, on the condition i didnt trim the beard in the meantime…

Shower in my hotel in Saigon, where as well as the standard hot and cold water, you are offered the option of eels. Once you’ve seen this, thats a scary option…

The upside of my plan was, however, that i got one last night out in Saigon with Charlie, volunteer co-ordinator, travelling missionary for the Cult of Will Allen (long may the breadbasket reign…), and general good egg. Completely forgot to take pictures of this event however, other than some drunken messing about with Charlie’s ludicrous helmet/goggles combo.

Incredibly hung over, i then made my way to Kuala Lumpur, pausing only to fight nausea on route. Unlike my last visit to KL though, where i spent 17 hours in the bloody airport, this time i took the train into the city itself, found a hotel, and tried to while away my 26 hour wait looking around the city. Only to find everything bloody closes on a Sunday. The only thing open was a Buddhist temple, so i went for a look, and ended up having a chat with a precociousĀ  Sri Lankan girl. She must have been maybe 10 years old, but she spoke perfect english. She told me in a totally matter of fact way that her and her mother were refugees in Malaysia, that her father had been arrested in Sri Lanka, and she had no idea when or if she would see him again. What can you say to that?

After a few more sweaty hours in KL, i got back on the plane for the 14 hour flight to the UK, where i was met by not one, but a brace of Careys, who wafted me home, getting there about 7am.


~ by zendog888 on 18/01/2011.

One Response to “Bar Trek – The Voyage Home”

  1. You are normally good at drawing, but is a crap drawing of the peugeot 106 escapade! you have failed to capture its classic lines

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